November 10th 2001 Swiss National Television
August 2002 Thailand National TV
April 4th / April 8th 2003 SVT2 Swedish Television
November 16th 2001 Kino RiffRaff, Zurich
April 7th 2002 / 12.00 Kino RiffRaff, Zurich


February 26th-28th 2004

Kino in der Reitschule


February 19th and 20th Solothurn, Switzerland Solothurner Filmtage
April 13th 2002 / 22.30 Zurich, Switzerland M4MUSIC Festival
QUARK Musicclub
Special: Cheesebeat in China
June 5th 2002 /21.45

Berlin, Germany

Resonant Wave Festival SPANNWERK Berlin

June 21-29th 2002

Teplice, Slovak Republic

Art Film Festival

August 15th 2002 Cologne, Germany; Pop Komm Music Festival 
September 07th-14th2002

Italy, Pescara

Alternativ Film Festival

October 3rd 2002 Thessaloniki, Greece; 4th International Panorama of Filmmakers

October 25th 2002

Ausfest Prize Winner: Most Populary Documentary 2002

Brisbane, Australia; AUSFEST 2002; Australian Digital & Video Film Festival

November 19th 2002 Wiesbaden, Germany; Exground Filmfest
February 2003 Dublin, Ireland Underground Film Festival
October 2003 Lausanne, Switzerland Underground Film Festival
December 1st-5th 2003

Padova, Italy

Asia Videoart & Film Festival

November 28th - December 3rd 2003

Banned by Singapore Censorship. (why?)


Hive Film Fest

March 9th-12th 2004 Padova, Italy

Asia Video Art Filmfestival
May 5th-10th 2005 Rome, Italy





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